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    Tree Dimensions - Small Scale Forest Farming Makes Sense

    Small Scale Forest Farming

    Makes Sense

    Small Scale Forest Farming is now more attractive than ever. Equipment is affordable, there is plenty of experience, knowledge and help and there's attractive grants for aforestation that pays for planting of land, woodland improvement, and forest roads

  • Forestry income is Tax Free. Farm forestry done right can generate sales of up to €7500 per acre for the land owner.

    It creates a circular economy recycling monies spent in the local economy.

  • Tree Dimensions

    The personal service of a small company. The experience of a big one. Tree Dimensions was founded by Con Little and is Ireland's leading advisory for small scale forest farming. We offer cost effective and affordable solutions for private woodland owners.

    Tree Dimensions - Can help you with Forest Harvesting

    Forest Harvesting

    We have affordable solutions for those who want to do this themselves. For woodland owners who do not want to get involved, we can offer a full harvesting and sales service.

    Tree Dimensions - can help you with Harvest Equipment Sales

    Harvest Equipment Sales

    We are Ireland's best source for cost effective, low impact timber harvesting and extraction equipment.

    Tree Dimensions - Can help you with Forest Management

    Forest Management

    We provide forest management and advisory support to land owners. We assist with your felling license application, your woodland improvement grant application, timber measurement and more.

  • Forestry Equipment

    Con has a lifetime of experience working in forestry. He's worked with some of the best small scale harvesting suppliers in all of Europe and can supply the equipment that you need.

    JoBo Harvesting Head

    The JoBo harvesting head from Syketec is light weight and easy to connect to smaller tractors or small excavators. The machine operator can fell, delimb and cut to length. It is specifically developed to enable the forest owner to economically harvest or thin and it is well suited for many Irish forest farmers.

    Wood Grapple for Tree Felling

    Think of Biojack energy wood grapples and think user friendly. They are easy to install on the rotator of a loader and can be used with minimal effort. They breeze through work cutting with incredible smoothness. It's diverse functions means the same device can also be used as a grab for loading without additional installation work.

    Getting felled trees to roadside

    Maxwald's winches and grapples help get felled trees to the roadside. The machinery is low weight and compact and the attachment is close to the tractor. The materials and workmanship is of the highest quality thus ensuring you of a long service life.

    Tree Dimensions Is an agent for Maxwald equipment. Maxwald winches and grapples get felled trees to the roadside.

    Trailer and Crane

    KTS provides well designed and smart solutions for forest farmers. The K.T.S Timber Trailer and K.T.S Hydraulic Crane are carefully designed and intended to work together as a unit. The trailer has a long-life which is a guarantee of reliability and quality. It has a first-class surface treatment which ensures that your investment will retain its finish, despite years of use and outdoor storage.

    Tree Dimensions is an agent for KTS which provides Trailer and Crane Machinery
  • We also work with these suppliers

    Con can supply new and used equipment, the Trestima forest inventory management system, commercial on-site lighting, and more. He has the experience and expertise to get your forest working for you.

    Tree Dimensions works with Finn Bull
    Tree Dimensions works with Logbullet
    Tree Dimensions works with 5Watts
    Tree Dimensions works with Trestima Forest Management System
  • Trestima Forest Inventory System

    We can help you manage your forest. We are representatives for Trestima - the world's more accurate and efficient way to manage your forest inventory. It does the work so you don't have to and all from a mobile phone.

    Tree Dimensions - works with Trestima to help with Forest Management
  • Contact Con

    Con knows the saw millers. He knows what's a fair price to accept. He'll advise so you make the most of your forest. Whether you want to get started or take back control from someone managing it for you, get in touch. Let's have a chat and see what's right for you.

    You can reach Con at +353 (087) 2554183 or by email using the link below.

We are GDPR compliant. Contact Con (clittle@treedimensions.ie) for full T&Cs.